COVID-19 Dashboard

This dashboard provides the required weekly reporting for positive COVID-19 in schools as outlined by the Department of Health. The dashboard will be updated weekly on Fridays by 5:00pm and will include information through end of day Thursday. 

The district is bound by FERPA, HIPAA, and ADA regulations concerning privacy and the release of specific health information. We will not release the names of individuals in isolation or quarantine.

COVID-19 Positive Cases

This dashboard tracks current COVID-19 positive cases for the week. Cases in Isolation represents people who are currently sick with a contagious disease and are separated from people who are not sick.

Dashboard is updated each Friday by 5:00pm and will reflect cases reported from the previous Friday through Thursday.

NOTE: Active COVID-19 Cases and Summary of Cases only list CONFIRMED cases that are reported.

If viewing on a mobile device use the following link: COVID-19 Data Dashboard


Dashboard Details 

Updated 11/11/22


Current Outbreaks: 0 

 Updated 11/11/22

Outbreak Definition and response

This definition is provided by the Department of Health and aligns with national standards based on the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) definition.

  • Multiple COVID-19 cases from positive viral tests comprising at least 10% of students, teachers, or staff within a specified core group* -OR-
  •  At least 3 cases within a specified core group* meeting criteria for a COVID-19 case from a positive viral test; -AND- the following three criteria are met:
    Cases have a symptom onset or positive test result within 14 days of each other,
    There is no evidence that transmission was more likely to have occurred in another setting (e.g., household or outside social contact) outside of the school or child care,
    Cases were epidemiologically linked** in the school or child care setting or a school or child care-sanctioned extracurricular activity***.

*A “core group” includes but is not limited to an extracurricular activity3, cohort group, classroom, before/after school care, etc.

**All groups of 10% or 3 cases within a specified core group that meet criteria and will be presumed to have an epi-link and must be reported to the LHJ as a suspected outbreak. The LHJ will make the final determination for classifying an outbreak.

***A school- or child care-sanctioned extracurricular activity is defined as a voluntary activity sponsored by the school, local education agency (LEA), organization sanctioned by the LEA, or child care. Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to, preparation for and involvement in public performances, contests, athletic competitions, demonstrations, displays,
and club activities.


Clusters and outbreaks represent situations in a school setting where, in coordination with local public health, enhanced mitigation efforts should be considered, and may be required, to prevent disease transmission.