Return to Learn 2020

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Return to Learn 2020 Informational Pages

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Creating a Plan to return to schools:

Current state guidelines require school districts to plan for 6 foot social distancing of students and staff. This means we are unable to have all students in our schools at the same time.

The state released the Reopening Washington Schools Planning Guide on June 11, 2020. After reviewing the guidance, we assembled a stakeholder workgroup, met with operations teams, and surveyed staff and families to gather feedback for planning the re-opening of schools in North Kitsap given the state guidelines. Using the survey data, information from our operations teams, and the guidance, we created three possible models for our stakeholder workgroup to review, refine and provide feedback on. The workgroup met over the course of two days to discuss the benefits, challenges, concerns, and questions from the models.

We have created a Hybrid In-Person model, Full Distance Learning plans when schools must be closed to any in-person learning, and an Online Academy model that reflects the recommendation of the stakeholder group, the survey data from families and staff, and the feedback from our operations teams.

Department of Health and KPHD Reopening Guidance
Returning to In-Person Learning is contingent upon school district readiness and COVID-19 case trend data.  Below are links to the DOH reopening guidance and KPHD data.

DOH K-12 Schools - Fall 2020-2021 Guidance

DOH K-12 Metrics and ToolKit for In-Person Learning

Employer Health & Safety Requirements

Kitsap Public Health COVID-19 Page

Kitsap Public Health COVID-19 Schools Information Page