Online Academy (100% Online Learning)

We understand that there are some families in our schools that are not ready to bring their student back to in-person learning this school year. We also have teachers that may be unable to teach in-person for medical reasons. For this reason, we are providing a 100% online learning experience that will have a universal platform for delivery. The Online Academy will be a year-long commitment to families who chose this delivery model.

The Online Academy is set up as a separate program in the school district and students will not be assigned to one of our existing schools. The Online Academy will include the following components:

  • 100% Online learning experience for students in grades K-12.
  • The Online Academy will be taught by North Kitsap faculty.
  • Faculty will use the online curriculum Fuel Education (FuelED), which is currently used in the district PAL, Choice Academy, and in all secondary schools for some courses.
  • FuelED is a comparable online curriculum used by other online schools around the state and it is aligned to WA State standards.
  • Students will have individual and small group instruction time online with their teacher(s) on a weekly basis K-12.
  • Teachers will determine the pacing of curriculum and will work with students and families to meet student learning needs.
  • There is a comprehensive course catalog for secondary students that will focus on graduation requirement attainment and will include Advanced Placement classes. Elective options will be limited - we are determining these options based on certifications of staff and options available in the catalog. There will be PE, arts, and language elective options available.
  • Secondary students will take 3 classes at a time (they will have the opportunity to earn 3 credits per semester). They will be assigned teachers based on the courses they are taking.
  • Elementary classes will be set up much like in-person, meaning students will be assigned to a core teacher that oversees all content areas.
  • IEP services will be provided as determined by the IEP team.
  • English Language Learner services will be available for students learning English.
  • 504 accommodations will be provided for students who qualify.

NK Online Academy News and Information

We are working on getting the North Kitsap Online Academy website up and running! For now, visit the following pages for the latest information:

NK Online Academy Principal

NKSD is pleased to share that Penny Therrien, principal of Choice Academy, has accepted the position of principal for the North Kitsap Online Academy. She will continue to oversee Choice Academy as part of her leadership duties. Ms. Therrien joined us in 2018 and split her time as the program coordinator for Choice Academy and assistant principal at Kingston High School. In 2019, she became the principal for Choice Academy and has been instrumental in building a strong school culture that offers different pathways and scheduling for students to accomplish their educational goals.

After serving 10 years in the United States Army, Ms. Therrien began her journey in education as a teacher serving in general education, special education and career and technical education. She earned her master’s degree and continued to serve students as a school counselor and administrator. Her 25-year career has included serving four school districts, providing rich experiences and designing individual educational pathways for students. “I am honored and thrilled to have this opportunity,” Ms. Therrien shared. “My focus will be to establish clear and consistent communication, execute a smooth transition for students into the NK Online Academy, provide well supported and different educational opportunities, and be mindful of academic and social emotional needs.”

“Ms. Therrien took a new program, Choice Academy, and grew it into a vibrant, meaningful program that has met the needs of diverse learners in our district. She has a robust understanding of Fuel Education, the underlying curriculum that will be used at the NK Online Academy, and she is well versed in successful methodologies for online instruction,” Superintendent Evans shared. “She is excited to start this new school in NKSD, and I have every confidence that she will create a culture and climate to support students in an online learning format.”

Updated August 19, 2020