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District at a Glance

District at a Glance

Bright Futures for Students

Student PhotoAt NKSD, we work to ensure every student has access to programs and resources that support their success. Some of our programs offered to support every individual student:

  • We provide nationally recognized best practices to prepare students for college and careers through our district-wide AVID program.
  • Blended learning classrooms customize learning with teacher-led, technology-rich activities.
  • Social Emotional Learning is provided via daily lessons that help students manage emotions, build interpersonal skills, and achieve their goals.
  • Our commitment to Equitable Access to Educational Opportunities means that all students can access career and technical education and advanced placement classes.

Support Every Student's Growth

Student Photo

At North Kitsap School District, we know student success is based on more than academic support. To address the needs of every student, we’ve created strategies that help students think critically, dive deeper into content, and provide systems of support tailored to their individual needs. These programs allow us to help each student reach their full potential by meeting them where they are and helping them grow.

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