Food & Nutrition Service

Our Mission

The North Kitsap School District Food & Nutrition Services Department will serve nutritious, good quality food in a pleasing manner to students and staff of the school district while keeping the department fiscally sound.

our vision

Kids looking forward to receiving healthy, wholesome, properly cooked and delicious breakfasts and lunches from happy, upbeat food service staff, who are engaged, motivated, and caring.  We strive to provide a variety of options, with little waste and always work in a friendly manner.  Our kitchens and serveries are clean and inviting, free of clutter, and neatly organized with current posters and signage. Laughter, excitement and “please and thank you” comes from both sides of the counter. Management listens and reacts appropriately. Staff enjoy working with kids and their jobs. 

Department Contact

Phone: (360) 396-3279

Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm

Fax Number: (360) 396-3903

Staff Directory: please visit the Food & Nutrition Services Staff directory


Due to supply chain issues, please be aware that all menus will be subject to change daily. 

2021-2022 - Meal Program Update 

Through an extension of the USDA Child Nutrition waivers, we are able to offer "whole meals" at no cost to all students attending school in-person. This is in effect through the entire 2021-2022 school year.

Al a carte items will be available for purchase for those items that do not fall under the "whole meal" provided through the USDA waiver.

Online Payments

Debit and credit card payments are accepted online through the "Skyward Family Access" portal on the school district's website located under "Quick Links".

There is no fee for this service.

Free/Reduced Meal Applications

For more information on the free and reduced meal application process, please visit our Free / Reduced Meal Application page. On the free and reduced meal application page you will find the annual letter to households, consent to share eligibilty and the free and reduced meal application (PDF and online format).

Leaving or Graduating from the North Kitsap School District?

If you have a student who has left the school district or is graduating, their outstanding Food Service meal balance (positive and/or negative) will be transferred equally between active siblings in the district.

If there are no active siblings, then please contact the Food Service Office and request a refund.

If your student has left the district owing money and they have no active siblings within the district, please take a moment and make a payment. If you still have access, you may pay with a debit or credit card through Skyward / Family Access or you can pay by mailing a check to the school districts main office.

Please review our Meal Charging Procedure if you have further questions.

Meal Pickup Sites

North Kitsap SD is now offering meals for pick up to community members aged 0 to 18 years old, who need meals, and are not receiving them in our schools. To help us reduce waste and ensure we have enough meals for those requesting them, meals must be pre-ordered via the link below. Orders must be received by 1:00pm the school day prior to pick up. (Meals for Monday must be submitted by 1:00pm on Friday.)

Meals may be picked up between 1:10pm and 1:25pm at Wolfle Elementary, just outside the front/main entrance to the school. When picking up the meals, please be ready to state the name of the person who ordered the meals (important), and sign for all meals received.

Menus and pricing

Did You Know?

Skyward/Family Access can be used to do the following things: Here is the link - Skyward Family Access

  • Make online payments with a debit or credit card to your students Meal Account
  • Apply for Free/Reduced Meals
  • Check your students Meal Account activity
  • Check your students Meal Account balance
Did You Know?

We offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day with lunch. Students are required to take a full serving in order for their meal to be considered reimbursable (whole meal).

Did You Know?

We do not serve any fried foods. All meal items are oven baked.

Did You Know?

Our menu items meet or exceed Federal USDA nutrition standards.

Did You Know?

The milk we serve is either fat free or 1%.

Lastly, Did You Know?

Our priority is to offer a well balanced nutritional meal each day to your student. Ultimately though, it is up to them to choose. Students who learn to make wise choices will benefit in many ways, now and in the future!