FMX Registration Guide

FMX allows community members to search for events, check event times, and even submit request forms.

For Community Users:

  •          Log In upper right corner
  •          Log In with your email
  •            First-time user select Need an account
  •          Enter the URL - nkschools                                  
  • Register your organization. Fill out all  hold harmless agreements, policies, procedures forms, and all requirements of insurance to proceed.
  • Once registration is approved by email confirmation you may now enter a new schedule request.
  • New Schedule Request needs to filled out by the person responsible for the event and is the main contact.


When a request is submitted you will receive an email notification of the approval process. Your request/event is not approved until you have received the email approval of your request/event. This can take up to 2 weeks for approval maybe longer due to possible Covid-19 protocols and procedures requirements. Thank you for your patience.