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Counseling Resources

At North Kitsap School District, we are committed to the well-being and success of our students. We strive to provide the best support and resources possible, which is reflected in our comprehensive counseling services. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of our students in the areas of academic, social, emotional, and career development.

We recognize that each student has their own unique challenges and needs, so our counseling services are personalized to address those specific requirements. Our dedicated team is available to provide guidance and support for students who may be struggling with academics, social or emotional issues, or require assistance in choosing a career path.

We strongly encourage all students and their families to take advantage of our counseling services. To schedule an appointment with a counselor or if you require assistance, please contact your school's counseling department. Our team is here to support you and ensure that your journey at North Kitsap School District is successful.

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The information in this document and the websites is for general information purposes only. North Kitsap School District assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the service's contents.