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Career & Technical Education

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The North Kitsap School District's Career & Technical Education (CTE) program is designed to provide students with authentic experiences in various industries and businesses, helping them acquire essential skills and knowledge for success in their chosen careers.

Emphasizing hands-on learning and real-world experiences, our district ensures students build a strong foundation in the practical aspects of their chosen fields. We foster valuable connections with local businesses and industry professionals, offering students access to resources such as internships, job shadowing, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Our diverse CTE courses cover various fields, including creative arts, technology, design, health, social sciences, animal science, agriculture, culinary arts, STEM, and cybersecurity. This wide range of options enables students to follow their passions while developing crucial skills for both college and their future careers.

By offering a supportive and engaging learning environment, along with cutting-edge resources and industry connections, the North Kitsap School District helps students in our CTE programs gain a competitive advantage in mastering real-world and college-level skills. Consequently, our students are well-equipped for success in the ever-changing job market and are empowered to positively impact their communities.

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