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North Kitsap Online Academy (NKOA) / PAL

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North Kitsap Online Academy (NKOA) is a forward-thinking educational institution that provides a robust, fully digital curriculum to students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. As a part of the North Kitsap School District, NKOA partners with Stride Learning Solutions to offer comprehensive online coursework, supplemented with skill-building support, interventions, optional synchronous instructional sessions, and round-the-clock academic assistance. NKOA fosters an educational environment designed to inspire self-motivation, organization, and independent learning, all supported by mentor teachers who guide students and parents through operational aspects of the online platform. In addition to delivering top-notch education, NKOA also ensures that every student has access to a NKSD Mentor Teacher who offers academic progress monitoring, coaching, encouragement, and extensive communication.

At NKOA, flexibility is a cornerstone. Understanding the different situations and needs of students, the academy provides flexible scheduling to accommodate various learning preferences, work schedules, and family situations. The academy takes pride in the active roles played by students, their families, and their mentor teachers in the learning process. Families act as learning coaches, assisting with daily lessons and student-teacher communication, while students are expected to complete daily lessons, attend meetings, and demonstrate progress in their studies. Meanwhile, mentor teachers guide the academic journey by identifying state requirements, developing learning plans, implementing intervention strategies, and documenting various aspects of the learning process. NKOA, thereby, offers a modern, flexible, and holistic approach to learning, preparing students for the future in a supportive, student-centered environment.

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